Closed. Closed. Closed. Closed. Closed. Closed.

Sorry but I think the reviewers comments are spot on especially the last two.

Definitely the typography and spacing needs the most work generally throughout the site

Beyond this there is a need for consistency, hierarchy and attention to detail e.g.

Alignment of page copy is different on about us to all other pages

The sign up/join buttons outside f any of the widgets feels lost and misplaced

You have a lot of the right bits but as it is it feels like they are all just piled in together with no real logical layouts or structure which makes it feel incomplete and a little messy.

Most of what you need to fix is more aesthetic rather than development

Thank you for advices, i will note that.

So it needs improvements:

  • tipography (about this in my posts on this forum you will find links to help you.)
  • design details
  • icons
  • images resize
  • loading time and process
    Good Luck !

Update for tipo. :

Thanks you for feedback & links!
Definitely will read them all.