Clarifying Envato Pricing, is PlaceIt included?

I have been trying to understand what is all included in an Envato Elements Subscription and I am having a hard time getting an answer. I simply want to know if PlaceIt is included in Envato Elements or if it is a separate price. I had a PlaceIt subscription prior to adding Envato Elements and this has created some confusion in my log-in and I would also like to know if I am paying for Place It twice now as a result.

Hi @onlineautonomy - welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

Placeit and Elements are separate Envato products, both with their own subscriptions. We use the same login (SSO) across Market, Elements, Placeit, Studio and Tuts+, but you won’t be paying twice for access to Placeit - those subscriptions give access to different services.