clarifications about theme

My questions

Note i purchased masterStudy, and i’m using classic theme:

  1. Do you have web hosting solution ? If yes, available options costs ?

  2. When I create a new user (as learner or teacher), he is directly connected (logged-in).
    I would like an email to be sent to his email @ , and he will click on a link inside his email to confirm registration ;
    ==> How can i do this ?

  3. All user can subscribe for free on the website; Used not willing to pay can have access ONLY to free courses (0 XOF = $ 0 ).
    I think this is the case currently; No need of membership (for now).
    ==> Correct me if i’m wrong here ;

  4. I’m the only one superuser for now (user created during theme installation), I want to grant superuser access to some users.
    ==> How do I do that ?

  5. A teacher willing to create course on the site should have special priviledge to create & publish courses (course publication should be validated by a superuser).
    ==> How do I do that ?

  6. Do you know a woo commerce gateway i can used in Ivory Cost (Africa)? I dont know for Paypal ;

  7. importing courses from Udemy;
    ==> Do I need a woocommerce to be fully integraded before ?

  8. For learners users: A user can comment on a given course forum only if he attended that course (he subscribed to that course before);