Choosing a WordPress theme for a Real Estate Agency

Hello, Envato support have suggest me to post in the forums to solve a issue related to pick a theme for realstate agency. Maybe you can suggest me in what categorie of themes i can look.
If this categorie is not the correct one, please let me know.


try checking the best sellers of Real Estate themes here ->


Hi mabuc! thanks for the info, i will be checking into those templates

Hi ffranze,

See this theme , It’s well documented and has good support.

Thank you.

We can help you with all the CMS and plugins. you can contact us on

Here our theme :


Here is a complete Real Estate solution as far as I know

Im still looking for the right template. Here s the detail of features we need.

lenguages (english, spanish, french)
intuitive navigation
interactive maps
removable search module

@ffranze Have you checked this theme: It may suits your needs.
Hope this helps!

thanks you NooTheme. i looking for it’s

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Hello ffranze!

Check out Zoner - real estate wordpress theme
Perfect for agency owners, personal or standalone Real estate agents, who want to receive personal, regional or global Real estate WordPress website.
Its new message system allows directly send message to users or agents whose properties can appear in the field of your interests.

hi there i need some help about setting up my theme that i just purchased. how can i do it ?

You have to contact the author of your purchased theme, then ask for support.