Changing feature image to a gallery


Hi, I got a plug in that allows me to create a code for a video/image gallery. I’m trying to figure out what I need to do to use that code in place of the feature image - essentially, I want the feature image to be a click through gallery with video options. Does anyone know if I need to purchase an additional plug in to make this happen or is it not possible? Thanks!



Welcome to the forums! It’s impossible to answer your question without knowing the plugin name. Additionally it’s best to contact plugin author with such questions, he will be the quickest to respond.

Now - could you please tell us more about the idea? Do you want to have slider in a place of featured image on your site? Many themes offer “Gallery” type entries that allows you to display gallery in a place of featured image. You may also look for gallery plugin that allows you to create shortcodes, then use them as featured areas of entries (that strictly depends on theme structure and may require coding knowledge).



Hi, The plugin is Wunder gallery, but it did allow me to create a shortcode, and yes, I essentially do just want a gallery in place of the feature image. Do you know how I do that? When I tried to copy the short code into the URL when changing the feature image, it wouldn’t let me.


I’m afraid you can’t replace URL with shortcode, it won’t work that way. If you want to stay with current plugin (which I couldn’t find), the first thing I thought of is to use metabox. It will alow you to create empty space in post in which you could use shortcode. This however requires semi-advanced coding knowledge. If you can’t place metabox in theme code, you may want to hire a professional from Envato Studio:



19 AM if that helps. Would metabox work with something like this? The featured image upload is in the post but it’s separate, at the bottom of the screen separate from adding media. Wonder plug in allows me to copy & paste a short code in the text of the post, but it doesn’t replace the feature image. Would metabox potentially allow me to do that?


Potentially, yes. But this most likely requires some changes to current theme structure. You would need to place metabox in where featured image area originally is, and then apply some more styling to make it work properly.

You can try to contact theme author first to check if they are willing to help you with this.



You’ve been really helpful, thank you! This is a dumb question but do you know how to contact the theme author? It seriously took me 30 minutes to figure out how to post here and ask a question…


Don’t worry :slight_smile: Please follow this guide to contact author of purchased theme: