Casually getting hard reject (after 6 months of work)

Hi there,

We’ve have recently submitted our product (JustFans), a SaaS software, on the CodeCanyon marketplace. A product to which we’ve worked on for over 6 months, only to get hard rejected with no further reasons provided. - Live demo of the submitted product.

For the front-end:

  • It has been built using Bootstrap.
  • It’s mobile responsive.
  • Has white and dark mode.
  • Has unique assets designed for our product by a graphic designer.

For the back-end:

  • It’s built using Laravel 6 (LTS) with plans to migrate on Laravel 9 (LTS) once it’s released.
  • It has integrations with Pusher (for the Messenger and Live notifications).
  • It has Amazon S3 and Cloudfront for the File storage.
  • It has 2 payment gateway integrations for the SaaS version (PayPal and Stripe).
  • It’s fully translatable.

We’d like to know what was so bad about it, that it deserved a hard reject. What was so unfixable about this product?

Looking forward for a clarification.

Thank you,



I like the colour scheme but I don’t know what it does (scratching head). It seems hard to follow as well - for example you login as Rachel.

You can create a new post, but it doesn’t be clear how you can add an image, or if you can use bold, italic or any other font styles.

The documentation link is non existent so I’m not sure if you did provide this kind of information.

Hi, @123Simples,

I should probably have given a script description as well, but thought it’s quite self-explanatory. This PHP Script is a SaaS platform that allows you to start your own premium content-based social media website.

Not sure what you mean by hard to follow - you click onto “Feed” and get over the actual app interface where you can view the creator’s content, subscribe to other profiles, message users, comment on their posts, and so on.

You can create posts w/o any formatting ( as most of the social networks ) and add files ( images/videos/audio ) via the file upload icon or by dragging and dropping files over the post create text area.

We do provide full documentation, but not in the sense of how to use the app, as the interface is really easy to use and straightforward :slight_smile:

Here’s the product documentation nevertheless: Product Documentation.

A few days later - received just a generic email in response to my ticket.

Mods totally ignored my forum post. Great times to be an Envato author.