Car Valeting and Shop Wordpress Theme?

Hi guys, I’ve got an upcoming job for a guy who runs a Car Valeting/Detailing company and has also recently setup a shop side selling car cleaning products.

At the moment he has the valeting/detailing side on his main domain then the shop part is under a subdomain ‘’.

These sites are both different designs and he’d like to integrate the two together to stay under the same style.

I’m having trouble finding a theme that will allow me to have a more indepth shop functionality as most I’ve seen so far just show a shop page with all products whereas I need one that can have multiple categories, e.g. the different products for different stages of a car wash, e.g. shampoo’s or waxes and then product brand categories.

The homepage of the site needs to mainly focus on the Valeting/Detailing side, briefly showing a couple of the service he offers and also say 2 or 3 of his recent work (which will need to link to a gallery of some sort where he can showcase all the car’s he’s worked on).

Hope that explains enough, I am hoping to use a popular theme with good support as they’ll be quite a lot of work that will need doing with this site.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

P.S. I don’t want any offer’s to build a theme from scratch to suit my needs, I just need a theme already available on ThemeForest that will allow me to do as much as possible of what I need. Thanks!


All that you can make with any Woocommerce suported template.
It all depends from your graphic and content skills.
You will not find template where you will just change logo and images and that is all.