Can't find audio that goes with project Fire Reveal by Stefoto?

So I recently downloaded an After Effects project Fire Reveal by Stefoto and I can’t find the audio that goes with it. Couldn’t even find a good replacement audio. What I don’t understand is I pay $33 a month and the information of a project doesn’t contain enough information about the project. Would be nice if there was some kind of source relating to what’s used in the project instead of searching for hours on end trying to find something that may or may not exist.

If anyone can find it please get back to me asap.

The audio for that item is here:

It’s in the item’s description on VideoHive (you can find the item here). There’s no easy way to get to the item’s market page from its Elements page though.


Thank you, and thank you for explaining on why I wasn’t able to find it! That was pretty fast support to be honest. :smiley:

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