Can't edit Tribe Coach Home page with Elementor

I purchased the Tribe Coach WordPress theme earlier this year to create a website for my wife’s life coaching business. I installed it on my Mac, using MAMP to create a local test server. Tribe includes Elementor as its page editor. I downloaded the demo content and have been modifying it. The Home page is unlike any I’ve encountered before: you assemble it from various elements, which you can enable or disable, and change the order of. The other pages are standard: all the content is on each page.

All was well until Elementor 2 was released. Now, when I try to edit the Home page with Elementor, I receive the following error: “Sorry, the content area was not found in your page. You must call the_content function in the current template, in order for Elementor to work on this page.” All of the other pages open just fine in Elementor. The Home page displays normally in a browser – I just can’t edit it. I followed the “Learn More” link on the error message, and it took me here:

Cause #1 seems the most closely related, but the fix involves upgrading to Elementor Pro. Since I was able to edit the Home page just fine for the previous several months, something somewhere must have broken.

I tried the following, none if which worked:

  • Downgrading to Elementor 1
  • Exporting my site to another Mac (both Macs have the latest version of macOS installed)
  • Using different browsers (Safari, Chrome, Firefox)
  • Exporting the site and installing it on a test server using Local by Flywheel instead of MAMP
  • Doing a clean installation of WordPress, Tribe Coach, and the demo content under Local by Flywheel, which lets you create multiple test sites. I get the same error with the Home page, which tells me it’s not a matter of my customized Home page having been corrupted.

I searched through the tech-support database but couldn’t find anything like this, so I contacted ThemeForest’s Launchandsell team. The rep told me that I’d contacted pre-sales support and directed me to post-sales support. That rep told me to search through the database (which I said I’d already done) and, if I couldn’t find a solution, to fill out an online support-request form. I followed the link to the form. There was a drop-down menu asking me to specify which theme I have, but Tribe Coach wasn’t among the choices, so I picked another one at random. There also was a field asking for the URL of my website. I entered the address on my local test server, because it was a required field, but I got an “Invalid URL” error. So I entered the URL of my live site, which I built using another WordPress theme, and again got an “Invalid URL” error. The same thing happened when I tried the URL for Tribe Coach sales page, just to see whether it would work. As a result, I was unable to submit my support request. There was no other method to contact tech support, so I wrote back to post-sales support at Launchandsell on May 14, telling them that I was unable to submit a support-request form, but nobody responded to my email. My six months of support ended on May 19. I was out of town for three weeks and wrote back to Launchandsell on June 14 but haven’t heard back.

Does anyone here have any ideas? The Tribe Coach theme is beautiful, but it’s useless to me if I can’t edit the Home page. I’m not going to pay for an additional six months of support when they haven’t been any help thus far.


You can try with WordPress classic editor.


You can contact with your purchase item author hope they will help you in this issue


Thanks, unlockdesign. Unfortunately, the WordPress editor doesn’t work with the Tribe Coach Home page because most of the content is pulled in from blocks that don’t reside on the Home page itself. I researched the error a bit more, and Elementor requires the line of code <?php the_content(); ?> in the page template. I examined the source code for the Home page, and that line of code isn’t in it. I wonder whether Elementor 1 didn’t require it, and Elementor 2 does. I’ll reach out to the author. I just looked at the user reviews, and the most recent one had a nearly identical experience with the Launch and Sell customer service team.

FYI, I just tried the support-ticket form again. The form bugs I mentioned above have been fixed, and I was able to submit a ticket. Hopefully, the support team will be able to help me. I’ll post the results here.

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I hope so and i think this item author responsibility as a bug fixing issue.
Hope they solved your issue.

If you are not plannning on using the home page as the theme intended or want to redesign it then try changing the page template as that sounds like it is what would be causing this

Problem solved! The support rep told me she was unable to help me because my six months of support had expired, but she did send me to a page in their support database. It said to make sure that the Main Content Block displayed in Customize > Homepage > Homepage Order was enabled. It wasn’t. Apparently, it had been disabled during the recent update to the Tribe theme, which happened right after the update to Elementor 2. So I enabled it, and all is well — so simple, but I never would have figured it out on my own.


Hello, I’m having the exact same issues about the homepage not displaying. Can you please tell me what you did to enable the customize>Homepage>Homepage Order ? I can’t seem to work it out and like you, my six months of support has expired. TIA.

Hi leisaleon – I was cleaning out my Inbox and just came across a notification that you had posted this question on September 30. I’m so sorry that I missed it when you posted it! If you haven’t solved this problem yet, the solution turned out to be very simple: In Homepage Order, the Main Content Block somehow had become disabled (it was grayed out). I clicked on it to enable it, and that fixed the problem.