Cannot connect to API

I have an evanto account (with evanto elements) and I am logged in to the main website, I am trying to enter the developer api dashboard here:

Then, I clicked “Sign in” and then it give’s me this error message:
Could not load signed in user profile: The API returned an error (403 - )
To manage your applications, you must first log in with your Envato Account.

I don’t know what it doesn’t work, I am already have my evanto account and can’t connect. What can I do?

Logout on your browser and login again. It’s probably cookie issue

Hi @theresearch100,

At first please login here:
Then browse and just click login and it will be automatically logged in.


Hi, I tried it and it still happen…

Please try with another browser or incognito window.

You don’t have an Envato Market profile. The website is only for Envato Market. There’s no reason for an Elements user to be accessing that website, and you will continue to receive a 403 error without a Market account.

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Is there a way to download images from Envato Elements using api? I need to do it programatically (search images > download and create license)

You can’t do that with Envato Elements has an undocumented API. You can maybe look at how the Envato Elements WordPress Extension does it but a subscription is probably required.

I actually have a subscription for sure :slight_smile: Thanks I will check the wordpress extension, it’s very important that developers can use it in order to bulk download images for websites that require scale

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