Can you tell me the reason why my item has been rejected?

Can you tell me the reason why my item has been rejected?
Html portfolio template:


I have saw your item.
Its my opinion to that your item isn’t really ready for themeforest or premium level for selling.
You have to improve lots thing in your template like design quality, Visual hierarchy, Typographic Hierarchy, spacing & alignment etc.

Study and research about themeforest quality standard template.Hope will approved your item.


Hello Designer2018
It’s all over the place on a desktop - not centralised, and as unlockdesign has already commented not ready to sell. I don’t want to put you down, because that seems unfair, but you need to go back to it again, and focus on quality. Aside from that buttons don’t work as they should either. Sorry!

Most important, check it on 4k monitor. Design gets croped…

Can you tell me how can I make this centralized? Where I have done mistakes and what to do?

If you use Firefox and then check the web developer tools, I think you will find you have set 1903px as your overall width, but then used an image for the banner which is smaller than the width set. Straight away that causes an issue because it throws the page off making it look weird.

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Completely broken on mobile too

Because you got it from a freebie site. Is this reason enough for you?