Can we use include(locate_template('...')) to include templates?

I browsed forums but most answers on this are vague.
Can someone please advise if we can use this


to include template parts.
Any help is appreciated!

Could someone please give us a hint. Thank you!

Wordpress? Why don’t you use get_template_part?

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No you can’t use that in WP themes.

you must use get_template_part()
here is why

I need to pass variable to templates and none of the default wp ways allow it.

locate_template() is perfectly fine to be used, also per submission requirements;

If incorporated into the theme, custom template files are required to be called using get_template_part() or locate_template()

but what I am asking about is the combo of include and locate_template() which I also found in several TF WP themes.

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Hey @Themezly, were you able to get your theme approved with include(locate_template())?