Can we remove negative comment if the product is updated


I have a question.

Can we report a comment to be deleted if its negative after we have updated our product by fixing issues that were in the comment.


Yes, you can simply flag it with reason ‘Bug has been fixed and is no longer present’ etc


This is a comment on my product.

“Disappointing documentation (trial and error) and only a very simple example, none of the fancy stuff presented in the demo here.”

If I improve my documentation and also include more examples in the next update. Can I report the comment to be removed?



Probably not, because it sounds like it was accurate at the time the comment was left. The best thing to do would be to respond to the comment explaining that the documentation has been updated, so you can alleviate the fears of any potential buyers. You could always try getting in touch with support though, just in case.


answering the comment with something like “Thank you very much for your feedback. Based on your comment we have updated our documentation and included more examples. To get the new documentation, simply redownload the item in your downloads section. We appreciate your help in improving our product and thank you very much for your purchase” might be a much better way to deal with that than to just remove the comment. This way buyers know you are working on updates and you take the criticism of buyers for real.

I mean, if you did update your item, why remove the comment? Use it to promote your great customer care!


You will not get comment removed for this. Envato remove only fake comments (if they will check and see that some other competitor author made this comment for example). Real buyers comments NEVER will be removed because buyer can write anything that he want (even full lie).