Can somebody help me understand why this track was rejected please?

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My opinion for reasons of rejection:

  1. Track doesn’t have commercial value
  2. Lack of quality libraries
  3. Mix/Master
  4. Arrangement
  5. Strange crackles example at 0:39


I noticed that your track does not have a commercial harmonic progression, and I also felt lack of ambience in the mix (reverb).

I quite liked the track!

Honestly can’t hear the problems people are mentioning (not contesting it though). Can’t even hear a crackle at 00:39 (not contesting there is one, just saying l can’t hear it myself). I think the piano sounds a little muted but maybe that helps the Sunday morning mood of the song.

@hvillani l’m curious to know what commercial harmonic progression is, do you mean the common chord sequence underlying many pieces of commercial dance music?

Harmonic progression, or sequence of chords, or cadence, anyway. The basic set of chords that is familiar and commercial. In this we exclude chords with a diminutive, augmented fifth, etc.

Thank you for telling me

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