Can I Use Font Awesome Pro from a Purchased ThemeForest Template in My Own Template?

Hello Community,

I’m currently developing an HTML template for submission to ThemeForest and have a question regarding the use of licensed resources.

I purchased another ThemeForest HTML template that includes Font Awesome Pro. Am I permitted to use Font Awesome Pro from this purchased template in my own template?

Here are my specific questions:

  1. Licensing: Am I allowed to use Font Awesome Pro icons from a ThemeForest template I purchased in my own template? If not, what are the potential legal and submission implications?
  2. Best Practices: What is the recommended approach for using licensed resources like Font Awesome Pro in my HTML template? Should I obtain my own license for Font Awesome Pro, or are there other compliant alternatives?
  3. Free Alternatives: If using Font Awesome Pro from another purchased template is not allowed, could you suggest some free or open-source icon libraries that are acceptable for use in ThemeForest templates?

I want to ensure that my template adheres to all licensing and submission guidelines to avoid any potential issues. Your guidance and recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your help!

If you still use PRO, upon reporting the item your item will be disabled and your earnings may not be paid. You can use “free” version but not PRO.