Can I switch and pick another product (from the same author)?

I made a mistake and bought yacht-sailing-marine-charter-booking-selling-template (generic website template). I should have bought yacht-sailing-marine-charter-wordpress-theme (WP theme) instead.
I know that it’s my mistake and my responsibility.
Is it possible to switch product, by paying the difference?
I have mailed the author; hopefully he will answer soon, but I’m writing here to ask if there’s a policy in place for this. I haven’t found it by browsing the Envato site on my own, but you never know…

I got the reply form the author right in this moment. Everything is alright.



It’s good when issues are resolved so quickly! If you still have any questions you can ask them right here, I will try to help you

Have a nice day!

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not possible by paying the difference but as you mentioned wp theme from the same author then there is a possibility contact the author and tell them that you would like to purchase wp theme and you have purchase site template instead wp theme by mistake. So, if author agree then you have to purchase the wp theme and send them a refund request for site template.

Hope your purchased item author will help you to get wp theme.


That’s what happened. Thank you very much. :smiley:

The is already a threat of the Avengers level :slightly_smiling_face:
I’m glad your problem is solved