Can I receive some feedback?

Hi guys any feedback and comments needed on my newest track. Thanks in advance, Marcin Klosowski

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This is very good work !!!))):wink:

Thanks mate :slight_smile:

everything is cool, but something wrong from 15 to 17 second, some sound automated on gain that rise up, and it’s very loud, louder in 4 times that all of your mix. I think that you need to fix it and add a little bit of delay on the ending of this sound - it will help for
vivacity on this moment

Really cool stuff. Maybe more sustain at the end? Otherwise it sounds dope!

Thanks guys for comments, file is in the review queue right now, but if they reject it I will improve points you’ve mentioned. Regards, Marcin

Track cool, but to my mind there are some problems with comrpession (it’s very hard). Try to make it softer. Hope it help! you!