can I own the sours code

if i buy source code from codecanyon can i own the source code for lifetime or im under the developer If I buy it, does he have the right to control it?

Yes, if you buy code from you will receive code for lifetime and you can give code to your developer for set up

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No,you don’t own the code, you have the license to use it, depending on the license you purchased, there may be some limitations on what you can or you cannot do with the item.


i was buy by extended license but still they can controll us

Again, you don’t own the code, you could just use it.

Extended license is only about how/where an item is used.

It does not alter the number of times an item can be used or who owns the copyright to the code.

that’s means if developer need bad things he have right to do whatever he went. that mean it’s not fear

so what is the best way to own the code ?

You can ask the author if he’s interested in to sell the rights so you can own it or you can hire someone ( designer/developer ) to do the job for you then you can own your own item.

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yeah thank you for your time and can u someone know to work full stack please DM me

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