Can I change the genre of my item?

Good day everyone,

Can I change the genre of my item?
Can I move my item from one Genre to Another one via Settings of the music item?

Your sooner reply will be apreciated :slight_smile:


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In due time I did only through support.

I did it like this: Edit item->Update item and tags->Don’t touch anything, just write a short message to the reviewer asking to move the item into another category and submit for review->Wait for update to be processed.

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Thank you for your response :slightly_smiling_face:
I realized it that way as well. Please have a look at print screen. But there’s no Submit for review buttom, ONLY Save Changes.

Will the reviewer will have a look or not?

Thanks man for your response :slight_smile:

That’s strange :thinking:. Another way is submit a request, i guess.

Thanks man, will try this one out :+1:

I have the same issue.
Did you manage to make the changes?

hey man,
yep. I did it via this submit a request form.
It took 2 weeks as far as I remember.

Thanks for the super fast response my friend. :+1:

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