Can Anyone Please tell why my designs are rejected everytime?

Can Anyone please tell why my indesign Professional Resume Design rejected?
I have fulfilled every requirement according to my knowledge still want some guidance.
Please Help

hi in my view u have a collection of major issues here , first of all a real problem about the typo basically not matching the style, looking way older than the graphic part and lacking originality and working combinations. The second major one about having both left and right side looking disconnected indeed, either in terms of style, of being busy or empty , of spacing, many things. The hierarcof information is rather flat at the moment, u have to make sure that main information pops out more and primary and secondary information of more easily identified at forts sight. Globally the item is lacking a bit to have more graphic design elements to cut a rather simple and linear style, in my opinion …

It seems like you have two major issues:

  • Don’t follow even basic design principles
  • Old fashioned (end of 90s and beginning of 20s)

You may consider about taking some courses about user interface designing (starting from basics) and make thousands of practices…

Thank You n2n44 for taking out time to comment.
We are the beginners and a good learner as well so we have noted everything you have said and will try to learn as soon as possible.
Its out privilege to have guidance by the amazing designer like you.
Hope to learn more things from you in near future.
Thank You :slight_smile:

Thank You Screets for taking out time to guide us.
We are privileged to have guidance from you and would like to get your comment on our other rejected designs as well :slight_smile:

thank u so much for the compliment buddy, with the open mindedness that u have and te desire to learn , no doubt that u will quickly take your game to the next level more and more and that approvals, sales and so on will start knocking at your door , keep doing your best , working hard and everything will be alright :slight_smile: good luck buddy