Can anyone help me find a niche theme, please!

I am looking for a theme that is one page and has logo in the middle and other logos surrounding it. Kind of like a big wheel or circle. I have found a bunch of outdated stuff running flash, which of course is not going to be a good choice with adobe announcing the support is ending, or ended.

It seems like a such a simple website, yet I can’t find anything that is interactive that doesn’t use flash.

Is java ok to use? I know a lot of phones like mine requires you manually enable java on the browser before java will render.

Any help is greatly appreciated, I have been searching for days now with no luck. I am not sure if I am not using the right keywords in google or what.

Here is something close to what I am looking for but I really don’t like buying stuff outside of themeforest.

I hope someone has come across something that they can share.