business card rejected

Why my business card rejected

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Why my business card rejected

Your design is totally outdated.

hi I am sorry to tell u just this but there are thousands of such items in the catalogue already … same shapes, color combinations, disposition , typo and so on … in other words there is more than a deja vu feeling resulting from this item, to say the least and a certain lack of originality obviously transpires from this … I may also say that execution time to redo these cards is not high to say the least and that it does not take any particular skills to be able to redo this type of item, in other words, the commercial potential of the item , when u put two on two together , is rather low

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Why my business card is rejected?

It’s hard to tell in quite a blurry image but the design feels quite outdated, the spacing (esp. margins and padding), and the hierarchy (esp name and job title) look off