Bugs / problems with Titan photo template


well I am confused because of the community forum. I just expected some categories for theme support like other theme services do so … well I hope I am right here … :wink:

I purchaised the titan theme and I installed it. First of all i was ‘surprised’ to get a zip file with the folder: pptitan-v2.3.installable … instable? I paid for an instable template? What’s it all about?

Second problem: I am not able to upload a logo file if I do this in theme settings, general. I upload a file ( I tried this with jpg, png, gif ). First the preview icon amoung the upload field shows an broken image link, also there is no logo displayed in addition the menu.

I can’t find any informations, faq or help area or possibility to send a support ticket.
Hope anyone can help me.

Thanks and kind regards

Assuming this is the Titan file you are discussing then the support info is here.

The reason for an ‘installable’ zip is to help prevent confusion for buyer and trying to install the wrong Zip folder (one including documentation, assets etc. AS WELL AS the theme folder).

Hello charlie,

thank you!