Buggy Transitions in Original Seamless Transitions Pack

The problem I’m experiencing is with some of the transitions from the Videolancer’s Transitions | Original Seamless Transitions Pack. Some of the transitions are clipped - you can clearly see the edge of the transition on your screen, which leaves blank space underneath. This doesn’t look very good and it seems the thumbnail animations in motion bro associated with the faulty transitions are free from these flaws. I’m including two exemplary screens which show how some frames look and also a screenshot showing the transition itself to show that it’s not just me misuning it, it just doesn’t work right. Also please note I’ve tried it on 3 different versions of Adobe After Effects. Some of these transitions show error alerts (as per the screenshot). The buggy transition shown here is the “Roughly” section - pretty much all of them have this issue. There are other transitions with the same problem of bounding edge of the transition effect clearly visible in the animation. Let me know please what can I do to get rid of this problem, this is really a dealbreaker for me!
Not all of the transitions that show this clipping give error alerts when used.

Screenshot 2021-09-08 at 00.54.25|679x500