broken links in theme download email.

My client sent me his purchase confirmation. It has several “download” links (one’s a box, two are links from text). Every one of these resolves to the homepage from the broken link below:


If you only had a phone number I could call and resolve this immediately. Instead I’m in this system screwing with a ticket.


Date: 11 Apr 2017
Invoice No: IVIP17242431

Company No. 559044-4104

Can you tell me what is wrong with your system? How do I get my purchase?

You don’t need seem to have an downloads on your account?

This could be a security block but probably the best option would be for your client who bought the item to download it (either via the email or from their downloads page) and provide you with the necessary files.

The email says: “DOWNLOAD”. It doesn’t say “Login as the person who bought the software, or the link won’t work”.

I told you that the guy DAVE, who am working for, acquired the software. He bought it for his business. He will be doing the license renewal. Why should I have bought/licensed under my account?

Your overly complex download process is costing your customers.

Peter Langlois
Managing Partner, CEO
NOVA Network

If you are logged in on your computer and you click a TF link from the email it will divert to the home page because it will recognise that the purchase doesn’t exist in your downloads.

If you are not already logged in the. You will need to login using the client site details before you could download the item.

It’s pretty standard practice to keep things secure and definitely not exclusive to here

Strongly suggest updating your purchase confirmation to make that clear.

Peter Langlois
Managing Partner, CEO
NOVA Network