Blue bars on Item Performance

What do the BLUE bars tell us on item performance. Mine are big i think.Does it mean 1 license downloaded or 5 to 10.It would be nice if the review team could explain this to us.


I think the reason there isn’t any standard numbers for the vertical lines is, the value varies depending on what view you are looking at. (One day, 3 days, 7 days, 30 days) I switch between those to get a better idea of which of my items are popular right now. When I’m on 1 day, the vertical lines seem to represent individual licensing since each blue bar ends on a line. When I switch to 30 days, it looks like the vertical lines seem to represent a larger number, (maybe 10?) since the blue bars end at various points between the vertical lines. Here’s a comparison between 1 day and 30 days view.


And if you aren’t aware, higher licensing numbers doesn’t equal better earnings. This is what Envato told me when I was trying to learn how to read the dashboard…

“If you’re looking for more information on item performance, the Item Earnings data is better suited to that purpose: it won’t be skewed by low-value downloads (e.g. if a photo is frequently licensed, but always gets downloaded alongside lots of other content, it would rank highly on “top licensed” but not generate as much revenue), and better represents item performance as a function of how valuable those items are in your portfolio.”

Hope that helps some!

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I don’t think these blue bars tell us anything very useful anyway, it’s just an illusion of “performance”. I wouldn’t read the blue bars as “Oooo, I’ve successfully made content that people are looking for, I should make more content like this”, rather, I think an item’s downloads are largely random, based on stuff we will never understand.