Blog - No featured Image?!

Hello guys,

hope I’m in the correct forum?!

I have some problems with my blog area on my website. I’ve created a Fullscreen Blog. In the overview is no single featued image, I don’t know why. Take alook here:

When I click or edit every single blog post there is a featued image and I’m always choose one before publishing.

I would like to have the same like in the demo site:

Next big problem is the performance! A lot of people told me that the website or some pages are really slow loading the images. When you join my website you start at the main home site. When you than go to Portfolio #1 or Portfolio #2 you realizee that the image(s) loading takes to long. On my last blog I did not had these problems. Same blogs posts with same images.

And last but not lease: Is it possible to change the size of the header slogan?

Please help me with that! I have no idea what to do!

Best regards


No one? Nice

I just looked at your blog, and it looks great! It seems like you’ve solved this problem, and I really want my blog to look like yours. Do you have instructions on how to do it?