Blank theme for designers

Hi All
I am looking for a good theme to be my “starter” theme. the one I will be able to develop and to design a various types of sites.

  1. will be minimal designed (white and gray…)
  2. will be responsive.
  3. will have as many header layout as can be (logo+menu in the same line, logo above menu, logo in the middle of site…)
  4. will NOT have any plugins embedded (I love to include Visual Composer by my self)
  5. will have a basic CSS with the basic items (header, menu, drop-down menu, footer…)
  6. with some blog layouts
  7. without custom post types (I love to create these by my self )
  8. will have RTL support
  9. multiple sidebar and footer widget areas
  10. box or full screen layout
  11. flat look and feel
  12. optimize for SEO
    13.multiple page templates

I found some, for example:

I will Love to PAY for a theme like that

any suggestions?

Why don’t you start with . It is a good starter blank theme (generator).

In the ThemeForest, Wordpress themes section if you search for Undersocres then you will see many beautiful themes developed with this blank starter themes.

underscore is for heavy developers
I am a designer with a very good CSS knowledge and basic PHP…

If you have a very good css knowledge then underscores is definitely easy for you mate, because the development part of it is mostly ready and I found that its the css that makes it stand out.

I have tried all kind of starter themes and frameworks and I think underscores is easier than all the others.

I installed _underscore and I am trying to work with it.
I found a more human Style.css for _underscore so it looks normal…

Do you know more places to download styles to _underscore?

No, don’t know any place. I think the whole point of Underscores is to create your own style as it is a starter theme