Best Wordpress theme for Deal Posting Site.

Hi Guys & dolls,

I need some help locating a theme on Wordpress to work as a deal posting site similar to latestdeals barakahdeals com, I want to build a site for a project to work with affiliate partners and offline partners but be able to gain commission on products if it works out. I have looked into plug ins and found content egg to be standing out so would prefer a theme that could work with this and be easy for me to post deals for products and voucher codes to help a niche community.

I want to start this project for a portfolio and see if I can make it work as well, I know my ref sites are very large companies but I just need something I can work with and also better when I learn a bit of programming etc would appreciate all of you guys help.

Thank You Shakil.

Any experts.


Contact with your purchase item author hope they will help you out from your issue.

Or get in touch with Expert Programmer they will help you out from your issue that is Envato Freelancing platform.


Hi I have not bought anything, looking to buy something

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