Best Woocommerce Plugin for This Pricing System?

I’m making a woo commerce site and looking for a plugin which suit my needs

  1. Pricing are based on user role (regular buyer, priority buyer, VIP buyer, VVIP buyer)
  2. All the pricing are not based on xx% discount from default price, but we set custom pricing for each role. Ex :
    Hat, default price USD 10, regular buyer price 8 USD, Prority Buyer 7 USD, VIP buyer 6 USD, VVIP buyer 5 USD
    Trouser, default price USD 20, regular buyer price 19 USD, Prority Buyer 12 USD, VIP buyer 11 USD, VVIP buyer 5 USD

So there is no exact percentage of discount for each item, but we need to manually set them

  1. There is also bulk pricing, if regular buyer buy HAT more than 10, he will get another discount price, the same also applies for other roles and the price also manually set, not based on percentage

Any suggestion which plugin will work?


This free plugin will do just fine