Best Photography selling Wordpress Thenme



Hey Guys,

I am looking for a photography selling Wordpress theme.
The theme should have have the option for the user to select the frame he wants to put the photo in, and also a fullscreen home page to display photos.

Your advise is appreciated.


In my opinion it is the best :


Thanks thezoc,
This is more for digital prints, the one I need is for physical prints, where the user selects one of my photos and the frame he wants the photo in, this should let the user see his photo in the frame.

Thank you for your prompt reply though, and if you have any other suggestions I would love to look at them.


Ah, you will not find this, at least to my knowledge . You need someone to change a theme with your feature. From the above theme + Envato Studio you can get what you want.


You can check this one :slight_smile:


Thank you for your help.