Best listing template to promote restaurants reopening during lockdown

Hey there, hoping ive got this right and am allowed to post.

I’m just really not sure what terms I should be searching for,

Basically we are in lockdown in New Zealand and im wanting to put a up a quick website that I can let restaurants who are about to reopen to advertise their services and information so other kiwis can be safe. Would anyone have any good recommendations on something that might fit that bill. If possible it would let me setup accounts for them and they can log in and change their details etc.

So its not really a template for one business its more for a directory and anything with geo boundaries would be off the chart (we are a small country but someone searching at one end of the country wont be able to travel sadly)

Any advise on the best theme I could buy or other thoughts would be amazing and if I have done anything wrong in posting this I will remove it dont want to get anyone angry just trying to help out the country.