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##What are the best Coming Soon & Under Construction templates on ThemeForest?

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###Yei, here are my recommendations :slight_smile:

  1. LEGEND - Iconic Coming Soon Template by Madeon08 - This Coming soon template is very clean, comes in multiple variations. I enjoy the audio-video version but also love the Star Wars/Countdown variant. It makes this template so unique and creative.

  2. Blum - Responsive Coming Soon Template by Erilisdesign - its a creative-modern-vibrant coming soon template, well crafted using perfect color/fonts combination; It also comes in multiple variants (gradient, solid, video etc) perfect for any kind of website.

  3. Urbano - Animated Under Construction Page by DazeinCreative - is also a super-duper flat under construction website template, in my opinion built for creatives. The cars animation from top of the page make it more attractive, because the site is coming soon, but the traffic is awful :slight_smile: , so don’t be impatient :construction:

  4. Days || Responsive Coming Soon Page by ex-nihilo - A perfect coming soon template any professional freelancer or agency. It comes with a corporate/darker feeling which gives you the idea of 'sun will rise soon :slight_smile: "

  5. UkieWatch - Responsive Animated Templates by UkieWeb - is the perfect/classical Under Construction template because it actually brings some real-deal animations (13x variations) ready to make your under construction website even more attractive. I really enjoy this entire collection of animations, all of them are pixel perfect; From all these recommendation I think this one is the best :sunny: :construction:


Hi everyone :slight_smile:
Here we go:

1.) ComeOut - Multipurpose Coming Soon HTML Template by SkillTeam - This template is very modern and clean, also has 8 different demos, which fit everyones requirements. I like that unique style about switching the pages effect. Also it`s a huge advantage to have MailChimp integrated.

  1. LUXURY // Responsive Coming Soon Template by Medhati - very creative design and so many effects. 3D background is really awesome! It fits for creative persons.

  1. Mote - Versatile Coming Soon Template by Erilisdesign - I like this serious design. It fits for all types of business. There are many background variations, which is really good!

4) cm’soon - Coming Soon Template by egotype - I have never seen such design before. It`s really awesome and fresh. The good thing about this template is vertical navigation which looks interesting.

  1. Wind - Coming Soon Template by HarbourThemes - I like that colorful background. Also there are 40 versions in this template and they are really cool.


Hey Everyone,
Hope you’re having productive weekend. :D.
Here are my 5 favorite authors & templates on Themeforest so far.

PHLY - Versatile Coming Soon Template

  • by Madeon08 - The king of authors on Themeforest. He is the reason i started building and selling my own templates. Giving great motivation with these GREAT templates. This item got a KILLING design, grabbing attention of each visitor. Useful and Enjoyable.

Pogody – Responsive Coming Soon Template by Hencework - This item is professionaly designed. Comes with 6 different background styles which is a lot. And basically stunning UX.

Mustang -Responsive Coming Soon Template by ex-nihilo - Got no words for this author :no_mouth:. Amazing and functional templates whit smooth animations. Just enjoyable.

Oli - Responsive Coming Soon Template by Erilisdesign - Number 1 author for me on Themeforest. Undisputed with amazing creativity. Useful and modern item.

Coming Soon Template


Dear Friends,

Below you can please check some of coming soon templates I like the most.

  1. Panara - Responsive Coming Soon Template by ThemeZaa
    I love the simplicity and big fonts with static as well as slider images in the background. Countdown timer, newsletter subscription and the menu with contact details and more is really great.


  1. Kounter - Coming Soon Template by egotype
    The most thing I love here is active background effect and newsletter popup with effect. Also I must say more information sliding panel is absolutely fantastic.

  1. MELLOW - Mozaïcal Coming Soon Template by Madeon08
    I really like the different style of having tiled layout with mixup of blocks like content, video, background slider, social media, contact details. Also the background and ken burn effects make it more live.

  1. Instant Coming Soon Page by NCodeart
    I like the content slider as well as the fundamental of having a mini site with menus and related content in the effective popup. There are many more styles available like snow and cloud effect as well as background image and videos.

  1. Deft - MultiConcept Coming Soon Template by CodeRare

The best minimal look is really effective with great imageries and nice looking content blocks. On top of this I like call to action and expanding content panel and multiple options.




Gravity // Coming Soon - Under Construction

High resolution and very clean design. I Love this design!


Here is the list of my favorites

  1. Coming Soon Teaser || Sven by svencreations - It’s minimal, unique and creative. The demos are original and unique from each other. Check “Envato Turns 10” and “God Loves You” to see what can be made with this template. The possibilities are endless.

  1. Beavis - Next Level Multi-Concept HTML5 Coming Soon Template by Hencework - The design work is really impressive. I love the variety of demos done each with some unique design element on the layout.

  1. PHLY - Versatile Coming Soon Template by Madeon08 - The list would be never complete without this template. The usage of split design made the difference. The number of variants it provides is another attraction. Truly the trendsetter.

  1. Mountain - Responsive Coming Soon by MountainTheme - It’s a classic template. It’s simple, clean and minimal and now updated with a lot of variants.

  1. VOUPE | Coming Soon Template by TheTheme99 - I just love the design. It has a unique layout styling and the colors look lovely.


Here is my List of the best Five

1) ComeOut

2) Luxury

3) Mote

4) Oli

5) SoonX

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For Us its absolutely Deft Coming Soon Template by Coderare, it has a great future because we put extra efforts in market research and update it regularly for best results to fulfill our customers needs. here are some demos of it.

and our other recommendation are

Opia - 3D Parallax Coming Soon Page

GENIUS - Ambitious Coming Soon Template

MELLOW - Mozaïcal Coming Soon Template

LUXURY // Responsive Coming Soon Template


I suggest the following under construction templates which are good in visually, functionally and responsively.

  1. Coming Soon Template by LaaRiS
    I like customization options in this coming soon template. There are lot of options included in this template, background videos, background waves animations and more effects, Also there are full option to display portfolio information on coming soon template.

  2. WAVE - Sliding Coming Soon Template by Madeon08
    This is a beautiful under construction template comes with multiple demos with multiple features.

  3. Mountaingoat - Ultimate Coming Soon/Under Construction Template by pixiefy
    The very beautiful coming soon template with multiple sections like portfolio, about company, contact us, newsletter subscriptions and multiple layouts.

  4. Woody - Responsive Coming Soon by MountainTheme
    Awesome coming soon template with great look and great features and lot of layouts really like it.

  5. BONE - Responsive Coming Soon Template by bonefishcode
    Fully responsive under construction template with five beautiful layouts have responsive customization features.


This is the best coming soon we experienced:

  1. PHLY - Versatile Coming Soon Template by Madeon08

Creative idea split screen. Clean and minimal.

  1. Oli - Responsive Coming Soon Template by Erilisdesign

Clean and minimal work. Not standard UI and page.

  1. UkieBoy - Responsive Animated Coming Soon Template by UkieWeb

Awesome creative idea animations.

  1. Mountain - Responsive Coming Soon by MountainTheme

Classic and minimal template. With perfect blue color gamma.

  1. Woody - Responsive Coming Soon by MountainTheme

Idea creative and simple. Nice color green and forest style. Split content block as the roots of a tree.



Hello Team :slight_smile:

  1. Wiresphere - Creative Coming Soon Template By Wiresphere

Wiresphere is a interactive and modern coming soon template with trendy 3d animation. It’s fully responsive, working on both desktop and mobile devices.


  1. Flatr - Metro Parallax Multipurpose Coming Soon By AVAThemes

If you are searching something different and out of the line, please check out Flatr – Metro Parallax Multipurpose Coming Soon Template. Flatr is a fully configurable and easy to use responsive under construction template with HTML5 Video Background Support and a lot of other great features. It has been specifically designed to be easily customized and it’s created for creatives who want to make under construction page in few minutes.


  1. LEGEND - Iconic Coming Soon Template By Madeon08

LEGEND is a creative and professional Coming Soon template, clean and elegant for every creative people, corporates, agency, e-commerce, business, portfolio etc…


  1. Xenon — Countdown & YouTube Video Background Page By IronTemplates

This is a modern and interactive coming soon page that you can easily and rapidly customize. While your site or product is underway, use the included newsletter form to collect prospective customers and visitors.


  1. Incomplete Under Construction Page By Acidstream

The layout is based on a color (shared between the main elements) and a separate image pattern. This allows you to customize the page color and background style in few seconds (Test ColorPicker on Live Preview)!


Good luck to all :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Awesome design with 10 styles

This minimal template with 3 versions: image background, image slider background and Youtube video background.

This template has a lot of features that make it a great product with great price.

Unique and creative coming soon template with 10 beautiful background.

This template available in 2 skins – black and white and in 6 color styles

Nice choice @CodeRare! Don’t forget your other 4 recommendations to ensure your entry is eligible. Read the original announcement if you need more info. Many thanks! :thumbsup:

LUXURY // Responsive Coming Soon Template By Medhati

multiple animations rainy/snowy/parallax/cloudy/origami/star/magnet and …

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Here :