Best Award Ceremony Broadcast Packages & Titles

What are the best editable and customizable award ceremony broadcast packages and titles for After Effects?

We want you to post your favorite award ceremony After Effects projects from VideoHive.

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The advantage of this template is that it is sold as a Cinema 4D template and as a After Effects template, so if you need more customize you can buy project with all 3D scenes and setup your amazing “clothes”

Ultimate Awards Package is created specifically for customers who need practical, usable elements for a broadcast, or in-house awards presentation. The package captures the splendor and magic of a Hollywood-style awards ceremony with over 20 of the most requested broadcast graphic elements--it will make your event shine like you hired a big-budget production designer!  

Cinema Awards Package is a Hollywood-style awards ceremony presentations, perfect for your Awards Shows, Corporate presentations and Special Event presentations

this template contain all the necessary modular elements With infinitely looping to create your own awards show video , a useful expression control will help you to change all colors easily with one click, It’s perfect for any type of work.…

Awards After Effects template – elegant versatile project in royal blue color scheme + 5 additional color schemes, perfect for awards show, spectacular ceremony, elegant opening, stylish fashion show, anniversary celebrations, special event, wedding story & fashion / photography slideshow!

The Complete Package for all Award Shows

Unique design, Simple to edit and easy to use

All essential elements are available for entire program

Black and gold elegant award show! Come and get it :smiley:

Perfect for opulent awards ceremony. Original design and full package.

” The Most PhotoRealstic Gold Effect Template i Got My Hads On!”
~ Μίδας