Beginner Questions - new to this

Hi,I’m brand new to this, but, I wanted to try. I’m looking at purchasing the Airtronix Wordpress Theme. After purchasing and installing the theme into my IONOS account, I guess I will need to add a subscription to Elementor? I know these may seem like really basic questions, but, I’ve never done this before.

So, I would go to Elementor site and purchase, say, plus plan for $99.00 and that would give me the tools to customize the pages?

Now, while I like a lot of things about this template, I don’t see my perfect slideshow gallery that I would like to use, so:

By purchasing Elementor, it would give me access to other plug-ins like galleries that I can install and use with this template? Would I find dozens of different slideshow galleries to choose from in Elementor and can I use anything compatible with Elementor with this template?

Also, to run a video on a page. Do I have to know how to enter the embed code from you tube into code or is there an easier way to put a video on a page that I create? Is it as simple as copy/paste the code with Elementor where I want the video on the page or is it more complicated than that?

Do I understand this correctly? I can customize this template with elements like a slideshow that is not part of the template by utilizing plug-ins from Elementor that are included in Elementor or I’d have to purchase a 3rd party plug-in that is compatible with Elementor from Envato and would I need to understand code to add a video to a page?

And can I use the stock photo on home page that comes with the template?

Am I making sense? Anything else I need to know? If I can take care of these questions, I think I may be able to successfully build a site. Your help is appreciated. Thank You.

Not specifically, most likely the theme comes with Elementor basic support, not Elementor PRO so you don’t need to purchase Elementor, you can just use the free version.

Apart from that, if your questions are related to Elementor, you should contact their support instead. They have landing pages and FAQ that would answer all of your questions related to Elementor.

You don’t need to know how to code if you’re using WordPress. Basic knowledge would be enough - in case of need for help, you can contact the item author for support. ( within 6 months )

You may need to purchase “additions” if you want to extend your theme and features. I’m also offering some extensions for Elementor those could be hard to find over the web, you can check my portfolio as well, if you’re interested in.

Most of the images are not included to the theme or the extension due to copyright issues, you may need to purchase those separately.