Avada prebuilt did not show header

I had a free starter WordPress theme and a list maker plugin. Bought the Avada theme, want to use one of the pre-builds. Imported the zip but after the upload was finished, the site showed no header on most of the pages… weird… only had about half the page there.
Soo… I figured it might be this list maker plugin, so I deactivated it… deleted Avada theme, and then reloaded it. Still the same thing.
So I figured that plugin left some weird code in there, therefore, I uninstalled WordPress altogether, reuploaded it, and then when I went to upload Avada back in there, the purchase code was not recognized… the error code said that it was being used on another URL site.
I sent a query through https://help.market.envato.com/… I will cross my fingers that I get someone… but hey, forums are usually pretty good so I thought I’d inquiry here.
I’m just a hobbist, not a coder, so uh…can someone tell me in plain language what might have been the case here?