Avada - How do I find which license is allocated to which domain?


I have 4 Avada licenses how can I find out which license is allocated to each website?

I received the following notification when trying to apply a patch to one of my sites.

Thank you for your help.

Regards - Mel

Avada Product Registration Needs To Be Updated

To receive further product updates, the registration has to be updated using your Avada purchase code. The grace period for updates using the Envato token has ended. Please complete registration in order to receive automatic updates, plugin installs and prebuilt website imports. For more information please read the


Contact with your purchase item author @ThemeFusion they would like to assist you


Do you mean contact Theme Fusion direct?

Thank you

Yes may be they can help you best

Thank you.

Also I found this on the Theme Fusion site in their Q&A section just before you submit a ticket:

Which may help others in the forum.


"You do not need to match the order of your listed purchases with a site. You can add the purchase code in any order. All we need to ensure is that the same purchase code is not used more than once (as the same code will not work in more than one site)

Log into your support account, and navigate to the purchase codes tab to see the details of your licenses and the domains registered against them, however if you don’t see any license or domains listed there, you have the freedom to assign any of your purchase code to any domain from the scratch, this will not cause any issues with your site at all."

This is a very annoying problem for me, I have well over 30 licences and some of them are linked to websites which no longer exist. Without knowing which domains are registered with licences I am unable to deregister and use the licences that I have paid for. It is a disgusting smokescreen designed to deliberately make things difficult to reuse the licences that we have paid for.

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