AudioJungle: Tracks for singing?


Can you give me some tips on how to find songs with well defined verse/chorus without vocals that would be good to sing along to?

Here’s an example:

I tried searching for “song” “ballad” “song chorus” etc., but maybe there’s a better way to avoid all the corporate or not related stuff?
Any genre is fine, the only criterion is “songiness” of the track.

I think this is not the place to find some tracks to sing with because majority of the tracks are made to suit the commercial things with voice over. :wink:

Also, the license terms specifically prohibits adding vocals to a track bought at AJ and making a song out of it.

"Example: You can’t add lyrics to an audio track and sell it on iTunes"

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Ok, that would explain why there’s so little of this stuff.

This was meant however for non-commercial, strictly private use for practicing so I would assume the license doesn’t prohibit that.

Hi LockeRoberts.
I think it would be better to make an offer to audiojungle authors on the forum what you need. Sorry for my English.

I find !!!m

You may want to check out some of our vocal tracks, which frequently feature an instrumental version.


Hi #LockeRoberts,

What genre are you looking for? Most authors here are available for freelance hire. So if you like a track here on AJ, and would like something similar for your private music project, you can contact the author and ask for a custom track. That will be produced exclusively for you and you are free to do whatever you want with it. :wink:
That would be a bit more pricey than $19 of course. But if you have the budget you can probably get exactly what you’re looking for.
Fellow authors, moderators, please correct me if I’m wrong.


This one might turn into a very nice commercial pop-dance song!

And even if you need a custom tweak job, we can arrange it, after we discuss the options!

Let me know if you need any rnb or pop full song producing and arrangements! I do a lot of those for top artists in my country!

Wish you all the best!, Alex!