Audio track was hard rejected. I need your opinion and help!

hi friends, I can not understand why rejected my track, help advice. you can listen here


So to my ears there are two main things:

Low end really muddy, bass clashes too much with kick drum and to compensate you put the kick suuuper loud but still lacks its own space in the mix (EQ some of the lows on the bass to leave room for the kick).

The transition and section in 0:48 is pretty unclear as some instruments go pretty soft in dynamics but others still are pretty loud. Overall dynamics are the same thorugh all the song except for the intro, I think that if you made the guitars and drums in this part to play softer it will help into making the song more exciting.

Hope it helps!

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Thank you so much for the advice! I will make adjustments))

It sounds hollow. Not enough mid (the agressive 2000-4000 hz area). Your instruments are all fighting for a place in the low mid. So, the acoustic gt could peak more from 5000-10000 hz, electric clean guitar could peak around 3000-4000 hz. Your pad could peak just under 800-2000hz. Keep the muted gt where it is in the low mid. Your hi hats/cymbals need more treble\less mid. Make a place for your kick around 100-160 hz (add more 2000-10000hz too) and keep your bass in the sub. Don’t make too extreme low cut on your instruments by doing that.

Your bass is too loud. It crush the mix after the brickwall limiting. It 's really important to have a really good balance between instruments before mastering. Use saturation on your instruments to reduce peaks and make them fatter. After that you will be able to make the master as loud but it will sound less compressed (pomping effect/choke).

Thank you very much for the advice!