audio problem

I bought this product [link removed]
and says the sound is also included in the purfhase. And the sound I received is incomplete and really do not like what you saw on the site
what shuold I do?

Write about it in the comments to item. Or write to the author by e-mail. Only he can explain everything to you

As I can see in the description, there is a link to the music file to be purchased apart from the video, but yeah, contact the author to be clear.

Good Luck

I’m sorry to hear this, but the author says in the description that the SFX are included not the music, you can hear the SFX at the 4th second in the preview (the fireworks explosion). In fact, there is in the description a link to the track on Audiojungle. However, you can still contact the author, he may find a solution for you.
And please don’t call out users/items here in the forum.

For several hours my page is not updated, what is the cause?