As usual, the template was rejected, but why?

As usual, the template was rejected, but why?
If you please, let me know what are the reasons for refusal so that I can deal with them next time
Demo Link


Design is quite dated

A lot of copy paste content feels unfinished

The resume/perosnal theme has been done a thousand times before and is super crowded

404’s when clicking project details

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These are only personal opinions so don’t be offended.

  1. See what @charlie4282 has already said;
  2. Get rid of that silly mouse hover circle outline - that is just so annoying and what purpose does it even serve?
  3. It takes forever to load pages - I get tired waiting and so will many people;
  4. There’s a lot of animation there - okay so you can demonstrate skills with using animation but unless it is needed, why use it? Example contact page:

  1. On the blog list pages - because of the rotating circle on the mouse movement, it’s just confusing when you hover over an image (which would normally be a link) and so it is not at all easy to navigate.

Positives - I like the colour scheme :slight_smile:

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WOW :heart_eyes:
I like this method of constructive criticism.
You really teach and guide me to grow my skills and be better.
thank you sir. @123Simples
I will try to be better next time.
I’m glad you found the positives to like about the design. :blush:

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Thank you sir
You are always right and you see what I don’t see. I benefit a lot from your experiences.
I love your constructive criticism
I will learn more to be better


Look you have skills - and I admire when authors create any type of themes or templates - it’s a lot of work!

I think you will be successful and you have a lot of nice points - just think what sells on the market. I always say to authors look at what sells or is being sold on Themeforest. THEN BUILD SOMETHING better or make it look as good as.

Why re-invent the wheel??? :slight_smile: But well done my friend and best wishes

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