Are you going to help me go back to work graphicriver?

Hi to all:

I would return to work graphicriver but problem hard rejected but my design is good but I try make new idea not same other design, please help me, thanks.


please help me thanks.

Hi Jeri, i am sorry to say just that but u have to go through subsequent improvement at this stage design wise, not only as regard to your personal skills but also due to the fact that there many guys in town and looooooots of items being created including some very impressive ones so that standards are very high , hence your need to step forward to make it in GR …
i am also sorry but giving cast spells to have all your items approved , no one can actually do this …most of the guys, even the sharpest knives in the drawer here (so impressive designers) have some of their items being rejected … plus if such a "recipe"was existing people would apply it to themselves first lol

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Many thanks, I am looking any guys my country will help me :slight_smile: regards.

no soy de acuerdo on esto , se necessita hablar ingles también …