Approved html but reviewer is giving typography soft reject in approved html

Hi fellow author,

Today I am in big trouble as reviewer is giving soft reject for typography and spacing , already APPROVED HTML. I just wanted to know if you guys (wordpress devs) getting same soft reject cause or not .

There is a huge difference between a coder and a designer . And that’s why there is collaboration on approved html .

This is approved html -
And my WordPress -

My question is that how come a design having typography,margin problematic is approved on html category and not suitable for WordPress category.

The rejection outlined by reviewer

  1. The typographic hierarchy of this item requires additional work. For more information, please read: Example(s): -

  2. Blurry logo:

  3. Please increase the visual contrast of the following elements, which will drastically improve legibility and readability. Ref: Example(s): -

  4. Theme still looks quite bland/unfinished in certain areas. Example(s): - - -

** Screenshot provided from approved html .

So I want what way WordPress review is changing and why an item with such shortcomings approved on html category but having such rejection .If logo is blurry, typography isn’t perfect then how it approved on html and not for Wordpress.

If there is such rules then I would like have another review team who will tell us , yes this html is suitable for wordpress and that’s not .


WordPress has a bit higher quality standards. And there is a bit of difference in spacing and typography betwen your HTML (homepage 3) and WordPress Theme.
Take a look at titles line-height and container width. In WP Version line-height seems smaller, so text is a bit crowded, also, container has smaller width compared to HTML version, so this makes things look a bit crowded too.

Tested on Firefox.

Thank you I will fix that but if WordPress has higher standard then isn’t it done by reviewer that this html item is eligible for wp category. Above all after coming so much now again for design issue , reviewer could point that make typography same as html .

I have “reverse” situation - WP is approved and for HTML have got soft for spacing.

Also I see that you get soft for Blurry logo - I had the same on my last WP submission but the logo was not blurry. Ok, it on retina displays, but retina logo is not required (or maybe they have change something).