Anyone ever do collaborations for stock music?

Hey Guys,

Curious about other peoples experiences. Have you ever or do you currently work with other musicians when producing your stock tracks?

I play in a band with some pretty great players and I’ve thought about seeing if they want to get involved with doing a few stock tracks but just wondering what the splits are usually like? Or if it’s even worth doing collabs since the payouts are so low anyways? It might be hard to convince guys who are used to getting a few hundred a night for a gig to come over and play for the promise of 10s of dollars :wink:

Also curious about working with others online, either other AJ members or people met through other means. For instance I’m not a great drum programmer, would be awesome to work with someone on that, or bass or anything to have someone else’s feel on a track instead of 100% me. Any of you do this? Is it worth it? How do you handle splits? etc… etc…

Hi there - I have been involved on a number of collaborations with my friend Jamie Blanks. We will work (play on) each others tracks and bounce ideas around. He is in Australia and I am in the UK. We send each other stems of the track we are collaborating on and this has proved to be an outstanding work flow. We never split money - we just like to play and support each others work. We do it just for fun.

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You get a few hundred per gig? Where I live it’s like 50 bucks. :frowning:
Of course, I live in the middle of nowhere.

haha yeah, but it’s mainly weddings/corporate functions/benefits that sort of thing. and all cover tunes. but hey, it feeds my gear addiction!

Whell what i can say… In the city where i live my job is dont understand anybody… So im prefer just work alone.