An Online Twitter Hashtag Checker - Finally! :)

Hi guys,

I just wanted to let you know I’ve published a little project I have been working on for a few months now. I hope some of you Twitter maniacs will find it useful next time when coming up with a new tweet text!

It’s an online and real-time hashtag checker, which you can access here :smile:

It’s still in beta phase and I keep adjusting calculations as I go, but for now it’s ready to be work with.

Let me know any thoughts and suggestions.

Very interesting - can I ask where you are pulling the data from? We do A LOT of work with social platforms including the firehose data feeds for social insight - depending how much effort you want to put into this I have several ideas.

Sure, Charlie.

It is using Twitter’s Streaming API that I am connected to 24/7 (constant data mining).

The only downside is that Twitter allows only 1% of their current data volume through that API, so I have to work on assumptions. Yet again, aren’t statistics a big assumption to begin with?

Firehose would be brilliant, but naturally it is a premium feature available through third-party providers and I am not in the position to cover that cost at this moment.

Ha ha - no exactly right the Firehose stuff is epic but crazy expensive and a huge headache to manage and analyse properly.

It’s a great little tool you have there - it may be possible to date manage i.e. set custom ranges to a point even via Twitter’s API but I’ve never tried to implement that properly on public data.

either way very impressive

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