Amazon affiliate HTML

Hi, I am looking for a theme that I can use Amazon HTML in. The free Wordpress ones have errors, so I need to get a paid theme that works with Wordpress.

I need it to have some level of customer support because I am brand new to this (Like a 1 day old baby)

I also need a free trial or money back guarantee for a week or so.

If you can recommend a theme in which I can basically run wild and do whatever with pictures, a blog, 4 pages or so etc, please let me know.


If you search themeforest for ‘Amazon affiliates’ then several come up.

There are also several plugins which can help achieve this.

The free trial is unlikely to happen. A lack of expertise is not grounds for a refund

Ok, Thanks… I would be happy with these questions answered by the developer before I purchased in lieu of a trial. I’ll check your search term.