Alpine Wordpress theme - no support

How do I report and get a refund on the theme? The Alpine theme is broken, ,i can’t even install the messy wordpress theme on my site even if i approve and enter license. Anyone experience the same?

Hello @mjdadula!

Please first make sure that you’ve checked the theme’s documentation files, and have requested support through the proper channel. Here’s the theme’s support page:

If needed, you can request a refund. Such requests go to the author for approval, but if they decline your request, you may dispute their decision with Envato.

Finally, this is a very popular theme with over a thousand sold copies. It’s highly unlikely that the issue lies with the theme itself, but if you can’t get it working and aren’t getting a response from the author, you may open a Help ticket and they will check the theme again.


You may check this video and you will see that it is not working.

You may check this video

You can either install/enable the mysql extension on your server or request a refund through the link I specified above. Also as I mentioned above, you can report this issue to Envato Support and they will check if the theme needs updating. I’d still highly recommend trying to get in touch with the author for support first.

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