All of my After Effects projects get rejected, no matter the quality


I try very hard and make really high quality and useful projects that are in demand. I make detailed video tutorials on how to use them. I make convenient menus to customize projects for yourself. I organize everything beautifully both in the project itself and in the project files. I leave links to the music used in the previews, I leave links to the fonts used in the projects. I make a quality and detailed description. But my projects still get rejected all over the place, no matter what categories of projects I don’t do. Like quality typography or overlays or backgrounds.

Please explain to me what I’m doing wrong and why my projects are being rejected, because I’m trying very hard and spending a lot of time on this and it’s depressing to see that projects are still being rejected and the reason is unknown.

P.S: only 2 of the lowest quality projects I’ve sent have been accepted. The really cool and high quality ones were rejected.

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Same issue with me

What innovation and uniqueness you see in your projects?
Be honest.

The question is different. Why are the highest quality and coolest works rejected and low quality works with no original idea, etc. - are accepted. It seems strange, doesn’t it?