AI regulation is extremely urgent so U.S.A> writers should respond to this

I sent my letter to my congressman

Make no mistake: Meta, NVIDIA, Chat GPT, Microsoft, Google, Shutterstock, Envato all want to be able to make massive profits off of AI “learning” from everyone’s intellectual property, to create generative AI output owned only by them. That is what they want. They want YOUR PROPERTY for free, to teach AI learning models how to create music, so they can profit from it one day, or at a minumum create massive cost savings for themselves as they have a goal to eliminate royalty payments to human authors.

When they use words like “we will initiate a responsible AI product…blah blah blah…”
Do not believe a single word of it. Sharing profits from generative AI is not in the interests of any of these companies. This is why there was an emergency “Closed doors” meeting last week with Senators, CEOs of Tesla, Microsoft, Google, Meta, Nvidia, ChatGPT, etc… and the overwhelming message was “regulate us!”…

Write to your Congressmen and ask them to elimiate generative AI music entirely. Generative AI music has one goal and one goal only - eliminate royalty payments to human authors while simultaneously stealing all of their works to create output “generative ai music”.


AI music is not creative, it uses content that it copies. The AI does not think, does not create, no emotion or creativity. This music will be sanitized, of no interest to anyone. At the moment it’s a fashion phenomenon that will pass like everything else.
To sum up, AI is stupid.

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here is a Bill getting presented in the USA: “Protect working musicians Act”

Well Envato, music producers, and even customers can be quite stupid too. Every music producer accepted the elements subscription deal with open arms - $0.20 cents a download. That was really stupid, as is $5 license on the AJ market.

Envato will try to sell our music to Nvidia, Meta, Google, Microsoft, ChatGPT, an TIK TOK’ AI learning Models etc…Hopefully govt. regulation and copyright laws will disallow that. These companies will be in a race to scrape and learn from our music before Big Dumb Governments can wrap their heads around generative AI music creations.

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No one will protect musicians, as no one protected an artists. Too powerful peoples are behind all this, even P.R.O can do nothing against them.
For example, MJ earns millions of dollars for his creator from the images of other authors. They claimed that they were using the creators’ work under a fair use policy, but it’s not fair use at all when AI developers make a ton of money from the creators’ images without permission.

The concern you’ve raised regarding the use of AI, intellectual property, and generative AI music is a complex and evolving issue. It’s important to understand that various technology companies, including Meta, NVIDIA, Microsoft, Google, and others, are indeed investing in AI technologies, including generative AI, for various purposes, including content creation.

While the potential for AI to create music and other creative works raises questions about intellectual property rights and fair compensation for creators, it’s essential to recognize that the development and use of AI in this context are still evolving and subject to legal and ethical considerations.

The debate around regulating AI-generated content and ensuring fair compensation for creators is ongoing. It’s crucial for policymakers, industry stakeholders, and the public to engage in constructive dialogue to strike a balance between technological innovation and protecting the rights of content creators.

If you have concerns about the impact of generative AI on intellectual property rights, it’s advisable to communicate your views with your elected representatives and engage in discussions with organizations advocating for copyright and intellectual property protections. This way, your concerns can be considered in the ongoing conversation about AI and its implications for creative industries.

To read…!

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AI music getting better. Suno ai is quite good for some background music. It even can generate vocal.
Looks like everything you see on monitor or hearing from your speakers will be generated. Not much time left.

For royalty free music yeah, it’s going to be over soon. No one is going to pay for music here or elsewhere on sites like these when you can just generate an original track for non performance (not cable, adverts, film etc) when they can just punch in a prompt and get something that can actually be tailer made for their purposes and, be better music than what’s on here.