After Effects - Programmer/Scripter needed


i’m part of a post production and video production team located in Austria/Europe.

For an upcoming project which includes a lot of automation we would need
somebody being able to do “advanced” scripting in After Effects to help
with the process.

This includes scanning folders for data, replacing elements, adding typo
and ends with the output of a video on a certain location on our server.

The project is currently in pre production and we would need input from an experienced coder to help with the planning.

Deadline will be around Q2 2017.

If you’re interested please let me know so that we can get into further detail.


Hey I’m interested in this project. I have good experience in After Effects Scripting.
I have done lots of scripts for automation involving all your requirements. So you can contact me from my profile page contact form for further discussion if you are interested.